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Nonprofit organizations provide services and fulfill needs within a community and its action locations, but nonprofits are more than just their programs. By supporting the General Fund, you allow us to keep the lights on, keep the IRS happy, provide necessary insurance coverage, and much, much more.

The Annual Drive is active between October – December each year and supports the next steps of CCinc’s Strategic Plan to keep developing, save more sea turtles, and create sustainable habits within our support base and upcoming generations.

This year CCinc needs your support to reach five major milestones to enhance our programs and grow the impact of the sea turtle success story by protecting the habitats sea turtles need to survive and recover. Help us raise $100,000 to enhance five different CCinc programs in 2024.

Annual Drive Donations 2023

We must raise $100K before December 31st

Community Fundraisers

Our small community fundraisers are a fun way to get involved with CCinc, learn more about sea turtles, and find a way that each and every one of us can help save sea turtles.

Adopt-A-Nest is an incredible way to experience sea turtle nesting. You will follow your nest through its two-month incubation and will receive a certificate, hatching results, and a special gift. You may even get to be the VIP at a public Turtle Dig. We offer two different adoption packages available from (November – May)

Hatch-A-Lawn is a family-friendly way to bring sea turtle conservation to your home. You nominate a lawn to emerge with “hatchlings” and 72 hours later the lawn you nominated will “hatch”, and the fun just keeps going on and on. The season for lawn hatching is from (February – April)


Emergence Nominations Starting in February

Annual Events

Want to participate, volunteer, or sponsor CCinc’s annual events? These are amazing ways to get connected with CCinc and support our mission to help sea turtles survive and recover.

No matter if you want to participate, volunteer, or sponsor these events. These events are amazing ways to get connected with CCinc and support our mission to protect sea turtles.


Each and every one of our partners gives back to CCinc’s sea turtle conservation and plastic reduction initiatives through purchases made with them. So, by supporting them, you are supporting CCinc and saving sea turtles. And, all of these businesses are very reputable and provide high quality service.