Turtle Connections

Public Sea Turtle Nest Excavations

Turtle Digs

Want to learn how and why scientists collect reproductive data on sea turtle nests? During nesting season, you may see sea turtle nests protected with wooden stakes, tape, and signs. These nests are monitored daily until they hatch to track influential factors for their survival. Three days after hatching, our permitted Turtle Team will evaluate the success of each nest marked for education and record key information that contributes to Local, State, and Federal recovery plans. We want you to join our team on the beach for a Turtle Dig and learn more about what you can do to help protect sea turtles. Every nest is different but sometimes hatchlings are left behind in the nest which we remove and release into the ocean.

Links to register for a Turtle Dig will be posted on our Event Calendar 3 days prior before.

When: During July and August three days after a nest hatches

Where: Ocean Grill 1050 Beachland Blvd. Vero Beach, FL 32963

Time: 8:00 am

Price: Free! A Donation is suggested within your means. 

Photo Credit: Joe Rimkus Jr.

Public Sea Turtle Watches

Nighttime Turtle Walks are guided educational programs designed to immerse you in sea turtle conservation. This program provides an exciting opportunity to observe the nesting process before this ancient reptile returns back to the ocean. To ensure you have a memorable experience, our Turtle Team has prepared other exciting experiences that allow you to “see” as a turtle sees, conduct a mini lighting survey, and learn more about the importance of a healthy vegetated dune. You will also get your own picture of the nesting Loggerhead you watched to share your memories with others.

Click this LINK to register for a Turtle Walk with CCinc. 

When: During June and July on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Nights

Where: Costa d’Este Beach Resort and Grand Harbor Beach Club in Vero Beach,  Florida

Time: 9:00 pm – 12:00 am

Price: Free! A $20 refundable reservation deposit is required to register

Photo Credit: Joe Rimkus Jr.

Photo Credit: Joe Rimkus Jr.

Sea Turtle Rescue and Transport


Permitted by Florida Fish and Wildlife (FWC), CCinc operates as the largest sea turtle rescue response team in Indian River County, Florida documenting over 100 sick, injured, exhausted, and dead sea turtles every year.

Team Work

It takes teamwork to rescue, rehabilitate and release sea turtles. We are proud to be part of the Florida Sea Turtle Stranding Network (STSSN), working cooperatively with a number of permit holders and facilities across the state.

Hatchling Dropbox

Our team monitors a special hatchling dropboxes authorized by FWC for our smallest of turtles rescues, located throughout Indian River County, FL.

Everyone can help save sea turtles

If you see a sick, injured, exhausted, or dead sea turtle, please call
1-888-404-3922 (FWCC).

We Provide The Largest Sea Turtle Rescue Response Team In Indian River County, FL

If you see a sick, injured, or dead sea turtle, please call 1-888-404-3922 to dispatch the stranding response team.

Community Education, Outreach and Engagement

We love talking about turtles! You can find us at community festivals, leading summer camps, or providing guest speaker presentations for various groups and neighborhood associations.

To request a guest speaker presentation please email Info@coastal-connections.org
To request a student program please use this
Google Form Link

Summer Camp Activities

Every summer our CCinc college interns work with a number of local and diverse partner organizations to provide summer camp activities for kids ages 5-16 including: 
McKee Gardens
Stella Maris
Youth Guidance
Treasure Coast Girls Coalition

School Lesson Plans

Our education team provides hands-on lesson plans for 2nd and 5th-grade students to become marine biologists for the day. Each lesson plan covers 15+ testing standards during each activity. 

2nd Grade – “Sea Turtle Biologist In Training”
3rd Grade – “Survive and Thrive”
5th Grade – “Debris Near Me”
All Elem. – Seaside Scavenger Hunt

"Kemp Cams"

Studying the Behaviors of Kemps Ridleys Across Florida’s Coastline

Coastal Connections is excited to be partnering with Dr. Mariana Fuentes from Florida State University. Together our institutions will explore the underwater life and behaviors of critically endangered Kemps Ridley sea turtles in Florida using novel camera technologies. This research will help inform environmental managers and decision-makers. Research authorized under: FWC Permit #243 and NMFS Permit #19496.